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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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About us

The Emirates Animal Welfare Society is the only Animal Welfare Association legally registered in the UAE.

The aim of the Society is to support the country in achieving a worldwide standard in the way animals are treated, animal welfare measurements are implemented and animal laws are enforced.

Our mission is to utilize our current resource's in the best way possible. We are proud of our Team which is made of passionate and dedicated people at the same time. Our Members have a wide and deep knowledge about the animal welfare laws, handling of domestic animals, handling of legal cases and the correct enforcement. They are fully aware about the regulations in the different Emirates of the Country and the relation of the animal welfare laws, its enforcement, the authorities involved and the procedures related to the execution of the same laws.

Our vision is a animal cruelty free country with strong enforcement of the animal welfare laws and regulations. We wish and support all authorities connected to animal welfare and we aim to have a thorough animal welfare network to cover all aspects concerning domestic and exotic pets and the ownership, trading and trafficking of the same. The implementation of global animal welfare standards as well as a nationwide stray population programs is as essential as a flawless rescue network and a database of volunteers and foster homes.

The Emirates Animal Welfare is ready to enter a new century of animal welfare in the UAE and we wish to invite everyone who feels able to support this ambitious challenge. 

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