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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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The Volunteer Project

As like every other Society we need Volunteers.

In regards to animal welfare and its laws such volunteers need to have a basic training in order to understand where the problems arise, what to look at and how to identify abuse, cruelty, wrong handling, illegal trading or any other animal related issue. Beeing an EAWS volunteer means dedication, unconditional love to animals, a common sense on what is right and what is wrong, and a natural understanding on how animals should look or behave to decide if the animal has a problem.

This may sound more complicated as it is, but it is needed to assess a situation correctly and being able to make the right decision. The Emirates Animal Welfare Society is receiving hundreds of complaints, and while not all of them are genuine, many simply are and it is critical that our Volunteers understand the situation an animal is in to help on the spot or simply address any issue to us without delay.

To train volunteers requires the facility, the knowledge and a dedicated trainer to make sure our Volunteers understand what animal welfare is about. To provide such a professional training requires funds and thats why we call it our Project. It is a project close to our heart as it will increase the knowledge about animals and animal welfare. It will raise awareness about abuse and cruelty and it will bring a healthy understanding towards animals in our communities.


Once the funding is available, we are more than happy to share our knowledge about animals, their welfare and rights with every person that decides to be a dedicated volunteer and aims to work with us towards the same cause.

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