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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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We proposed the licensing of dogs, mentioned in the federal law number 22 from 2016 concerning dangerous animals. Even though not yet confirmed or approved, we wish to be ready with providing a training and assessment centre to dog owners that aren't sure about their pets behaviour. Furthermore, our rescue pets may come with a very bad or sad background and we have to make sure every pet is assessed professionally in oder to find the right new home. Such assessments are critical for dogs and their new owners as it is a proof of the dog being able to cope with its new home.

Apart from this, sometimes dogs have a strong character and inexperienced owners are helpless in understanding why the dog is doing what it is doing. Excessive barking, aggression, jealousy, starving, over protective behaviour, stubbornness etc. are typical problems dog owners can face and depending on the level of their experience, such issues can be quite challenging if not been taken care of. Ignoring such behavioural problems can bring frustration to both, the dogs and its owner. This frustration leads most likely to the release of the dog. If the dog is very unlucky than it will simply be abandoned or dumped, if it is lucky it may end up with a rescue organisation, but the problems will not just disappear. 

We believe that most of the problems with dogs are coming from inappropriate handling of these pets or little to no knowledge about the dog and his breed. This is most likely not the animals fault, but the animal will be the one that will suffer in the end.

Being an animal welfare society, we wish to provide a training and assessment centre to make sure that both -the dog and its owner- are nothing but happy while living together and the dog is and stays save and protected and is not harming any human or other animal around him.

The Training Project
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