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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Our Society is starting from scratch. Basically depending on animal welfare laws and its enforcement, its a matter of time that we can start working with full force. However we miss funding and sponsorships.

Be it Cars for our Inspectors or simply to bring animals back and forth, staff such as pet handlers and equipment. Carriers in all sizes and training crates, medical equipment for the ARC or the administration office, literally everything we can think about is missing.

Apart from our projects, every single dirham is more than welcome, because we need to help animals as we speak and without having our own facilities, we depend on your kindness towards our cause. We need to pay vet bills and hospitalisation or boarding. We need to pay salaries while no real income or funds are available, we need to run a society with little to no money available. 

EAWS is not able to provide sponsorship packages as animal welfare is not coming in boxes with different sizes. Right now we need simply everything with the ARC and its funding being on the first place of our wish list. But every dirham counts and its not only big sponsors or partners we wish for. Every person that can contribute is more than welcome, every little helps. Animal Welfare is fairly new in this country and we wish to achieve, with the help of everyone who feels he/she can contribute.

Kindly get in touch if you wish to sponsor us or one of our projects and help us to achieve this amazing mission for the animals, the country and of course its residents.

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