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Re-home your Pet

Re-homing a Pet can have several reasons and while we try to understand some of those, we do not have any understanding for dumping a pet because of holidays or re-location. An animal is a lifetime commitment and all cases have to be considered careful before the animal is bought or adopted. The animal will loose his life and family with re-homing it and while many people believe it doesn't makes a difference, we can assure you that your animal can feel separation anxiety, sorrow and pain just as like a human, and it will start suffering if you give it away. 

Now there are cases where you seriously need to re-home your pet and we are more than happy to help you through the process.


Please consider the following points:

  1. Do not sell your animal, this is against the law, no one has to compensate you for the money you spent on your animal, this is your private problem. Re-homing an animal has not to involve any costs from a private individual to another private individual. Adoption fees can only be requested from registered organisations in order to cover medical costs such as health check-up, vaccination, microchipping and neutering.

  2. Do not re-home your animal unaltered. If the animal is a mix breed, there is no reason to allow re-production even by mistake. If your pet is a pure breed, potential illegal breeders will pile up to take your animal over and your beloved pet might end up in a cage being misused to reproduce for money. If you wish the best for your pet, neuter or spay it!

Please go in touch with us and we are gladly helping you to re-home your pet in the best way possible!

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