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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Mobile Vet Clinics

A Mobile Vet Clinic is helping communities with providing cheaper vet services. Many people wish to help animals and wish to keep their pet, but the costs for proper health treatments can add up pretty quickly. 

With providing a Mobile Vet Clinic to the less fortuned people in the country, it can be made sure that even low income residents are able to help their pets, to get the basic treatments needed to keep the pet happy and healthy and to attend TNR programs for stray animals on the spot. 

Since the set up of a Mobile Vet Clinic is far cheaper than the costs for a normal clinic, a mobile clinic is able to give better rates to those who can't afford regular vet services. The second point in the UAE is the problem that public transport is not allowing animals on bord. Pet Owners that do not have there own transportation, lacking the flexibility to reach a Vet clinic as and where needed. A Mobile Vet Clinic can specifically cover the areas where an easy access to a Vet Clinic is very difficult and where medical help for pets is truly needed.

The costs for a Mobile Vet Clinic are rounding up to an approximate amount of 1 Million Dirham, but such a Project is well worth it. If you are interested to support such a project, we would be more than happy to discuss the same at any time.

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