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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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How to donate?

As one of more than 180 NGO's in the UAE, but the only one for animal welfare, we totally depend on your kindness towards us and our cause. We have currently two ways to donate, either to our vet bills or directly to our account. A PayPal account for international donations shall follow shortly. 

1. Donation towards our Account

Our society is a non-profit organisation. Every donation is re-invested into our admin and operation costs, our projects such as the ARC or Mobile Vet Clinics. We have to pay vet bills and we need funds for our lawyers who support our court cases. We are supporting TNR Programs and trying to help our groups, even if its just food for the strays. As a non-profit organisation we report to the respective Ministry and have to provide the financial reports in the end of the year. Our VAT Number is identifying us as non-profit organisation which exempts us from VAT payments. The VAT number shall be published shortly.

If you wish to support our organisation, our cause and our work, kindly donate directly towards our account as given below:

Emirates Animal Welfare Society

National Bank of Abu Dhabi 
IBAN: AE550350000006425656565





2. Donation towards our Vet Bills

We are working mainly with our Partner and Sponsor Blue Oasis Veterinary Clinic in Dubai Investment Park (DIP). We try to keep the bills low, but sometimes -in very special cases- the bills add up pretty quickly. We are getting a very kind charity rate, but this means we still have to pay. Current cases like Jack Frost, Snowflake, Gizmo or Garfield are going into thousands of Dirhams Invoices and we are grateful for each contribution towards these bills. Please also consider that we have to treat animals coming from legal cases that can't be announced due to pending court decisions. These animals need mostly basic check-ups, microchipping, vaccination and stay/neutering if no critical condition is given. These cases exist, but are pretty unknown and can't be published.

Either cash at the Vet clinic



Kindly mention "Emirates Animal Welfare Society" in the transfer subject, for the clinic to know which customer account the money has to be credited to.

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