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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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Foster a Pet

If we have rescued animals, these animals will always go to a foster home first before we allow it to be adopted. The simple reason is that we might get cases with animals who have had a bad past, bad experience with humans, have been abused, neglected or simply not been taken care of medically.


Such animals need to adjust themselves to their new homes and this is a slow process for the animal and its potential new owners. We wish to be part of this process to help and support the new family with the ownership and to be able to make sure the pet is in the right home.

The requirements for a foster home are as follows:

  • Foster form (available with email)

  • Copy of EID

  • Landlord approval (in case the foster home is rented)

  • Non-refundable adoption fee **

** the none-refundable adoption fee is not being requested for right now, but will be implemented soon due to legal issues with foster homes who tried to keep an animal against the foster agreement or the law. Sadly we have to punish all trustworthy and reliable foster homes for the wrongdoings of a few who tried to cheat on us. The adoption fee is very much needed to cover the animals vet bills and we can't afford legal issues with foster homes that try to steal our rescue pets.

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