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The Forensic Project

"Relating to or denoting the application of scientific methods and techniques to the investigation of crime."

Sadly forensic is needed to get the reports on animal abuse and cruelty. EAWS is wishing to open a forensic facility to be able to submit approved forensic reports to the Court, if cases have been opened against abusers. 

The federal Animal Welfare Laws Number 16 from 2007 & 18 from 2016 are pretty strong if it comes to the punishment for abusers of animals. To make sure that a judgement can be made, legal cases have to be handled and forensic reports have to underpin the evidence of the crime against an animal. 

The work of a forensic scientist is intended to be used in court and because scientific evidence can be very powerful, the forensic scientist must be accurate, methodical, detailed, and above all, unbiased. The ability to keep detailed notes and to write clear, concise, and accurate reports is vital. The forensic scientist must be able to determine which facts or items of evidence are relevant.

Having our own forensic facility can significantly speed up court cases against abusers and make sure animals find justice as they deserve it.

To be able to provide forensic reports will help us to speak for those who have no voice. With being able to provide the evidence of the abuse and cruelty, we literally wish to be lawyers for animals that can assure justice is brought to those that do not respect animals, their lives, their right of protection and the respective laws.

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