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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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The UAE has three federal animal welfare laws issued by the Ruler, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Al Nahayan.


The Animal Welfare Law Number 16 concerning the welfare and handling of animals. Its amendment number 18 from 2016, that is implementing stronger punishments and higher fines in cruelty cases and the dangerous animal law number 22 from 2016 which is regulating the ownership, trading and trafficking of dangerous animals in the Country. The forth law -that is related to animal welfare- is the federal law number 7 from 2017 concerning veterinary clinics and their daily operations. 

There are not many countries in the World that have so detailed laws for animal welfare and the Emirates Animal Welfare Society is not only part of implementing and enforcing these laws, but our Chairman has played a significant role in drafting the federal Law 22 concerning the dangerous animals.

The federal Law number 22 is particularly concerning residents of the UAE in regards to the banned breed dogs stated in the same. However, this has not been done because the UAE is considering these dogs as dangerous by nature. It is in fact in favor of breeds that are misused for fighting, trained to kill and harm humans or for illegal breeding as such breeds can hardly be imported any longer.

Federal Laws available
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