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Exotic / Dangerous Animals

An exotic pet / animal is a rare or unusual animal pet, or an animal kept within human households which is generally thought of as a wild species not typically kept as a pet.

The UAE has a federal law concerning dangerous animals that is law number 22 from 2016. Dangerous animals are listed in the same law and the ownership, trafficking, trading and breeding of the said animals is prohibited. It comes along with fines and imprisonment for the ownership and is covering animals that are used by humans to attack or terrorise other humans as well.

The ownership of the listed animals is restricted to Zoo's, Wildlife/Safari Parks and Private Zoo permit holders, no other person or entity is allowed to keep such animals. It is critical to understand that it is not even allowed to "rescue" animals from the list given in the federal law without permission from the MoCCaE. The procedure has and will always be, if one finds or sees such an animal, the responsible Municipality has to be called without delay. If the animal is alone and seems to be ready to attack, it has to be left alone and the police has to be called for immediate assistance. No private individual nor any normal commercial entity has the permit or approval to handle such animals. 

The federal Law number 22 is right now under review in order to implement the necessary by-laws, this is a matter of time and will affect the listed animals and especially the banned breed dogs mentioned. As soon as an update from the MoCCaE is available, we will update this page accordingly.

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