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The executing Authorities that should take care of animal issues, illegal trading, illegal ownership etc. are the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MoCCaE) as well as the local authorities. The MoCCaE has to update the local Municipalities on their mandate and on how to execute the laws and its by-laws. Based on this laws and its by-laws, regulations will be implemented.

Illegal Trading is only the mandate of respective economic departments if the trader is a commercial entity or is pretending that he/she has a license. Private individuals are not covered by the economic departments. Especially in regards to animals, this would be again the MoCCaE or the local Municipalities.

To the opposite of the general beliefs, the police is right now not the executing authority if it comes to animal issues such as abuse, cruelty or confiscation of dangerous animals. The police will always help and support such cases and is responsible for any case that is related to inappropriate actions between animals and humans such as animal attacks. 

The missing execution is a matter of time since the laws have been amended towards the end of 2016 only and by-laws have to be created and implemented. As a partner to the MoCCaE, EAWS is actively supporting the same Ministry and will update the website accordingly if new changes are announced.

Executing Authorities
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