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Archaeozoology has identified three classes of animal domesticates:

(1) commensals, adapted to a human niche (e.g., dogs, cats, guinea pigs)

(2) prey animals sought for food (e.g., cows, sheep, goats)

(3) targeted animals for draft and nonfood resources (e.g., horse, camel, donkey) (source: wikipedia)

While we are here for all animals, the most common are the domestic animals and those are the ones which we are dealing with or handling in our normal lives and in our communities. The animal welfare laws are protecting all animals in the country, so do we. If you are unsure about an animal you see in your neighbourhood or community and you wish to complain or raise concerns, its always helpful to provide us with a photo from the animal only (no surroundings or humans shall be on the photo). Abuse and cruelty is also happening to farm animals, in stables or in slaughterhouses, please always watch out and let us know if you feel something involving an animal goes terribly wrong.


There is a decent and human way to deal with animals and this has to be taken care of at all times.

Domestic Animals
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