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Abu Dhabi, UAE

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We are fully aware that many people believe we don't need another Shelter, but in fact we don't even wish to give it the name "Shelter" but ARC. 


The EAWS Animal Rescue Centre  (EAWS - ARC) should be a place for animals in transit between their rescue and their new home. Our facility should accommodate animals up to the size of camels, since even these animals face problems and need help and we wish to have a recovery area for victims of abuse or neglect.

We need such a place as many legal cases are handed over to us and such animals cannot be re-homed for quite a while and need a place to stay without limitation or space issues. Right now the EAWS totally depends on foster homes or we have to keep animals in Vet clinics or boarding facilities, but the amount we have to spend for these places and cages are enormous and can’t be the aim for our future.


We believe that our ARC should be a state of the art building coming along with the sustainable vision of the UAE Leadership, with large areas to help animals in need and to give shelter to animals abandoned or dumped in peak times, rather than calling it a shelter which could be compared to any other shelter.

Our ARC should be a place where people work, who respect animals and simply have the passion and love to help those in need and without their own voices. Our animal facility should be lead by love and compassion rather than by the pressure to accommodate as much animals as possible. The EAWS ARC should always be open to help animals, regardless which time of the day they come in and without looking after numbers or limitations.


The ARC should contain a training and assessment facility to asses animals in transit and to find new homes according to their needs. It should support licensing of banned breeds and of course there should be a forensic area, since sometimes an animal will come in that experienced the worst and didn’t survive and we wish to be the voice for those animals if cases go to the court. The size of this facility depends a lot on the decision of the MoCCaE about the handling of banned breed dogs, as this would affect our work significantly.


Notwithstanding the above, the EAWS ARC should be the first of its kind animal facility in the ME, that’s why we are looking for a strong strategic partner & sponsor who would be equally proud about such a facility and the achievement coming along with it.

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