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Animals for Entertainment

Animals for Entertainment are usually the ones used in a Circus or a (mobile) Petting Zoo. Right now it is not clear on how to tackle the use of animals in Dolphinariums or entities that are not directly connected to approved Zoo's, and Wildlife/Safari Parks.

As per the laws such activities are not allowed, but due to the recent law changes such activities are under review. It is clear that neither a Circus nor a Mobile Petting Zoo will be able to obtain any license in the UAE as such activities are not appreciated and they are not fulfilling the requirements for educational activities. 


The MoCCaE confirmed that no one in the past and the future was or will be able to obtain such a license and the MoCCaE is the only Ministry/Authority that is able to issue the same. The local authorities shall only issue Vet activity permits if the entity asking for it has the necessary  license from the Ministry. A normal commercial trading/boarding or nursery license is not fulfilling the requirements to be provided with such a permit.

For us as an animal welfare society, animals shall only be showcases for entertainment in Zoo's or Wildlife/Safari Parks. These entities are fully controlled and have the appropriate knowledge or animal trainers that can understand the behaviour of animals and are able to approach animals in the correct manner.

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