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Adoption Preparations

There are several things you need to consider if you wish to adopt your new pet.

You have not only to be aware that your animal will come along with costs, it is also a lifetime commitment and you should rather wait and think twice if this is what you wish to have in your life and for a significant amount of years in your future. Pets are living nearly as double as long as stray animals due to the proper care they receive. For dogs this means at least 10 - 15 years depending on size, for cats at least 12 - 18 years, sometimes even longer. 


Pets are coming along with costs, be it adoption fees, basic equipment, registration fees, annual vaccination fees, unexpected medical costs, food and accessories. You have to be ready to bear those costs and depending on the health of your pet, these sums can pile up to a quite high amount, that might easily be able to cover a vacation.

Please be clear if you are able to bear these costs, if you wish to invest this money in a future companion, if you can afford the time, love and money to care about your new family member the way it deserves it and if you are willing to spend more time in your home, since your new pet needs you there. 

All we wish for is careful consideration of the above, because we personally know that pets are worth each single minute, every single dirham, and all the love and attention we can give, since every single animal taught us that the affection they return is price and limitless.

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